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    1. Hybrid Gas Baking Oven
    2. Hybrid Gas Baking OvenA hybrid oven consists of direct gas-fired heating(DGF), followed by convection heating toward the end of the baking process, contribute to produce a wide range of biscuit types. Different types of heat and moisture control can in fact have different effects on the final product.
    1. Adjustable Hot Wind Convection Baking Oven (Electrical)
    2. Adjustable Hot Wind Convection Baking Oven (Electrical) The tunnel oven employs circulating heated air to heat the oven body. It features PLC control and variable frequency speed control, and comes with an automatic air driven off tracking device for the control of the position of the baking belt. In addition, due to the unique design of the oven chamber as well as air feed and exhaust device, the electric oven can precisely control the temperature and humidity for baking, and lower considerable energy consumption while ensuring uniform color of the biscuits.
    1. Steel Belt Oven
    2. Steel Belt OvenThe steel belt oven has the features of both gas oven and electric oven.
      It adopts SANDVIK food grade steel belt.
      It is also equipped with cleaning devices for the water washing steel belt.
      It uses self lubricating steel belt.
      The steel belt has pneumatic tensioning and deviation adjusting device.
    1. Mesh Belt Cleaner
    2. Mesh Belt Cleaner
    1. Peeling Machine
    2. Peeling Machine

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