Hybrid Gas Baking Oven
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Hybrid Gas Baking Oven


A hybrid oven consists of direct gas-fired heating(DGF), followed by convection heating toward the end of the baking process, contribute to produce a wide range of biscuit types. Different types of heat and moisture control can in fact have different effects on the final product.

Technical Parameters of Hybrid Gas Oven
Oven Length 20-90m
Inner wall treatment Spraying aluminum powder and high-temperature resistant silicone paint
Diameter of big roller φ 1000mm
Combustion system (1.45 million kilocalorie) Direct gas combustion in zone 1 and 2; hot-wind convection in zone 3 and 4.
Italy Baltur self-control combustion machines
Fuel gas source Natural gas, LPG, pipelined gas
Thermal insulation material 80kg/m3 rock wool
Operation method Touch screen
Control type PLC
Power supply 3-380V, AC
PLC brand French Schneider
Pipeline solenoid valve brand USA Honeywell
Fire pipe solenoid valve brand Germany Burkert
Zero pressure valves brand Japan Aichi
Control motor brand USA Honeywell

Oven sections: 4 temperature zones
Dough leavening-dough shaping-dough dehydration-coloring
The first and second temperature zones: direct fired temperature zone
The third and forth temperature zone: hot air convection

  • The hybrid gas baking oven can be controlled by human-computer interface.
  • The ignitron can be selected manually so that the flame size can be adjusted according to products.
  • It adopts DC motor as the power unit during power outages.
  • The mesh belt adopts pneumatic deviation rectifier.
Multifunctional bakery oven racks:

A: The racks are equipped with retracting units so that the wasted dough sheet will not be sent into the oven.
B: The belt of the bakery oven rack can be loosened pneumatically to avoid long term tensioning.
C: The connecting points of the bakery oven racks are lifted to protect the PU belt from long term heating.

Conveying to the oven

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