Steel Belt Oven

Steel Belt Oven

  • The steel belt oven has the features of both gas oven and electric oven.
  • It adopts SANDVIK food grade steel belt.
  • It is also equipped with cleaning devices for the water washing steel belt.
  • It uses self lubricating steel belt.
  • The steel belt has pneumatic tensioning and deviation adjusting device.
  • It also has steel belt plane adjusting device.
Multifunctional bakery oven racks:

A: The racks are equipped with retracting units so that the wasted dough sheet will not be sent into the oven.
B: The belt of the bakery oven rack can be loosened pneumatically to avoid long term tensioning.
C: The connecting points of the bakery oven racks are lifted to protect the PU belt from long term heating.

Conveying to the oven

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