Wavy Potato Biscuit

Oil Sprayer+oil filter

  • Drum type spraying oil to ensure spraying evenly without any chance of nuzzle block.
  • Easy to open for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Equipped with British brand Oil mist collector to ensure surrounding environment clean and healthy for operators.
  • 3 layers for oil filtering.
  • Oil storage tank adopt heat insulation jacket water tank
Gold Fish Biscuit

650 Horizontal dough mixer

S type paddle, mixing 375kg flour per time (650kg dough)


650 Horizontal mixer is suitable for hard dough (hard biscuit production) and soft dough (soft biscuit production).

  • All functions can be controlled by touch screen.
  • Multi-speed mixing can fulfill optimal mixing requirement.
  • Jacket water circulation heating provide suitable mixing temperature under different circumstance.
  • Inverter+PLC soft start reduce Energy consumption and extend service life.

Dough Cutting Machine

The mixing finished dough can be conveyed to the next step for rolling process by the dough slicing and feeding machine.

Gauge Rolls

  • Adopt customized chilled alloy roll of exclusively formula to make rollers of high hardness, making it longer working life.
  • Roller is designed to be able to make super thin biscuit, by getting dough sheet thickness 0.7mm to 0.8mm evenly.
  • Central Control System provides practical and user-friendly operation function, including upstream follow-up joint- control function which make machine trial running and daily operation easier for operators and as well as saving operators.
  • Menu memory and call out function, easy for next time making same product.
  • Machines can be either control flexibly via touch screen or by buttons.
  • Roller’s gap distance adjustment adopt electricity motor-driven screw lifting, making it longer working life rather than eccentric wheel and easier operation for workers.
  • Adjustment accuracy: 0.01mm.
  • Gauge roll machine’s drive motor is installed vertically suspended which provide most effective power output to save energy and easy for cleaning and maintenance.

Three Roller Sheeters

Gold Fish Biscuit
Gold Fish Biscuit

it’s used to pre-make dough sheet

Rotary Cutter

Die width: 600mm / 800mm, 1000mm /1200mm, 1500mm


The copper roller is a mold which can be used on the cutting and forming machine with dual rubber covered roller.

Side Scrap Recycle System


Receive the scrap from scrap pick-up conveyor and then transfer the scrap dough to the hopper of the main forming equipment at the head of the line(e.g. to laminator).

Sugar and Salt Sprinkler

  • Sprinkle salt/ sugar evenly.
  • Independent design, easy to move, clean and maintain.
  • By adopting mesh belt type instead of PU belt, it does better in ingredient recycle, avoid ingredient squander, easy cleaning.
  • Adopt 316stainless steel hopper, 304stainless steel Bearing, screw, nut, roller, axle, adjusting base and driving wheel to ensure clean and sanitary, no rust.

Entrance Transfer Machine

  • In trial running stage or oven pre-heat stage, while oven running and no dough pieces come, pneumatically lift rear part to avoid heating from oven mesh belt so as to extend PU belt working life.
  • In trial running stage, pneumatic retract front part for easily retrieve dough pieces, avoid squander while them go into oven.
  • PU belt adopt pneumatic tension and loose, can be release in loose status in day end.

Hybrid Gas Oven

Oven sections:

4 functional temperature zones
Dough leavening-dough shaping-dough dehydration-coloring
The first and second temperature zones: direct fired temperature zone
The third and forth temperature zone: hot air convection

  • The hybrid gas oven can be controlled by human-computer interface.
  • The ignitron can be selected manually so that the flame size can be adjusted according to products.
  • It adopts DC motor as the power unit during power outages.
  • The mesh belt adopts pneumatic deviation rectifier.

Adjustable Hot Wind Convection Baking Oven (Electrical)

  • 4 temperature zones
  • PID+PLC temperature control system
  • The air exhausters for each temperature zone can realize variable speed adjustment.
  • It adopts DC motor as the power unit during power outages.
  • The mesh belt adopts pneumatic deviation rectifier.
Straight Line Type Cooling Conveyor

Straight Line Type Cooling Conveyor

Clip-Type Cooling Conveyor

Clip-Type Cooling Conveyor

Overhead Type Cooling Conveyor

Overhead Type Cooling Conveyor

Z-Type Cooling Conveyor

Z-Type Cooling Conveyor

Rotary Stacker

Penny stacker

Vertical packing machine


The human-machine interface (HMI) can realize programmable logic control (PLC). The information can be displayed on the screen intensively. The workers can operate the machine via the touch screen and they have the access to biscuit formula at any time. The formula proportion of each kind of biscuit is different from each other, so the processing parameters of the machine are different as well. After making one kind of biscuit, the data can be recorded. You can choose the data directly without machine adjusting when making this biscuit again. The production line consists of many single machines, the data of all the machine units can be showed on one screen intensively with PLC control. By setting of the parameters, the machine can be easily controlled.

These are the main brands of the units used for the whole production line, including the system accessories of PLC and HMI. These are all international brands.

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