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Wafer Stick Machine

The regular wafer stick machine, or wafer roll machine shown here is a general solution that we provide for common wafer stick production. This industrial food machinery utilizes liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas as its fuel, and can produce center-filled or hollow wafer sticks.

Linear cooling conveyor

Hollow Wafer Stick(one/two colors)

Linear cooling conveyor

Pressed Wafer Stick

Linear cooling conveyor

Wafer Stick With Cream Filling

Linear cooling conveyor

Chocolate Enrobing Wafer Stick

Linear cooling conveyor

Pillow-shaped Wafer Stick 2

Technical Parameters of Regular Wafer Stick Machine
Items Specifications
Main Machine Dimension 2480 × 1800 × 2300 mm
Main Machine Weight 4300kg
Batter/Cream Feeder Size (L× W× H) 800 × 800 × 800mm
Cooling Conveyor Dimension (L× W× H) 4000 × 350 × 950 mm
Capacity 50kg /h (100pcs/min)
Power supply 3-380V, AC
Gas type LPG / natural gas
Baking wheel material Special heat-resistant cast iron alloy
Baking wheel diameter φ 2000mm
Mode of bottom heating Direct fire heating
Mode of top heating Infrared burner from Japan
Safety protection method Cut the burner and alarm automatically by ignition control module
Burner cutting method Pneumatic
Forming machine bearing brand Japan NSK
Forming machine motor brand Taiwan Yusin Gearmotor
Frequency converter brand Japan Panasonic
Igniter solenoid valve Taiwan
Ignition controller Taiwan Kingpin
Electrical controller component France Schneider
Main forming machine cover 304 stainless steel
Conveyor cover 304 stainless steel
Technical Parameters of 10kg Batter Mixer
Items Specifications
Mixing capacity 10 kg /time
Power supply 3-380V, AC
Motor power 2.2kw
Material of mixing bowl 304 stainless steel
Material of mixing tool 304 stainless steel
Electrical controller component France Schneider
Cover material 304 stainless steel

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