Gauge Rolls

Gauge Rolls

Through this gauge roll unit, the prefabricated dough sheets will be made into the required thickness. Rolling speed and transporting speed of each individual gauge roll can be independently controlled, ensuring easy and flexible operation.


Positioned one after the other in series of three or four, it gradually reduce the thickness of the continuous dough sheet coming from the upstream line(e.g.from laminator), until the ideal final thickness is reached so that it can be processed by the rotary cutter unit. They are used in the forming process of hard sweet biscuits and crackers.

Technical Parameters
Item Specifications
Calendaring time 3
Roller diameter φ 320mm
Calendaring thickness range 0.3~20 mm
Control method Frequency control of motor speed
Roller material Chilled alloy
Roller bearing brand Japan NSK
Operation method Touch screen+ PLC+ frequency converter, with memory and breakdown feedback function
Converter brand French Schneider
Housing material Stainless steel
Transition support board material Stainless steel

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